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JCCDF is a peer reviewed, open access journal. It is a collaborative effort of the Center of Excellence in Digital Forensics (CoEDF) and the Cyber Criminology Special Interest Group of the Asian Criminological Society (ACS). The Journal aims at providing sources of knowledge, research and education for advanced study on cyber crimes and response of the Criminal Justice System from theoretical and policy perspectives. It covers current developments in digital forensics, information security, incident response, GRC and cyber crime management. Practitioners in the IT industry, police, prosecution and advocacy share their views through their articles in this journal. Apart from quality theoretical and research articles, the journal publishes case studies and book reviews. This journal fosters a multi-disciplinary approach and welcomes manuscripts from a variety of disciplines including computer science, information technology, law, criminology, criminal justice and other social and behavioural sciences. The Journal will be a great resource for cyber criminology.

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Privacy Awareness

By Dr.Rama K. Subramaniam


Cyber Crimes - Trends to watch...

By Dr.Rama K. Subramaniam

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